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Tips for Taking the Perfect Selfie!


molly sims selfies
Last week I saw a very, very, very interesting article in the New York Times, all about selfies. I have to admit, I’m totally 100% guilty of taking a couple. Just because only a handful have appeared on my Instagram feed (so far) doesn’t mean more than a few don’t exist on my cell phone’s camera roll. (C’mon, you’re guilty too…)

In the interest of Halloween and the prime opportunity for selfies, I thought I’d share some of my fav, fav, fav tips for picture taking, which can easily translate to selfie picture taking!

  1. Before you finish putting on your makeup for the day, make sure to contour! A little bit of blush and bronzer in the right places can add that cheekbone definition we all so, so, so crave.
  2. Take advantage of “golden hour.” It’s the time right before sunset, when the sun isn’t so harsh, but provides an ideal warm hue.
  3. Find your light – look to the light for a soft glow, away from the light for clarity.
  4. Tilt your chin down and to the side.
  5. Elongate, elongate, elongate that neck!
  6. Learn your angles! Play around with the camera and take a few shots to practice.
  7. When you and your friends take group selfies, be sure the person with the longest arms is snapping the shot.
  8. Finally, the biggest and most important tip – take photos from above. If someone’s taking your photo, make sure they’re taller than you, or they elevate the camera or cell phone for an ideal angle. If you’re taking the photo, elevate your arm and tilt the phone down.

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