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#Simsoween: Show Me YOUR Halloween Costumes!


Chloe and Poupette Halloween Costumes
As evidenced by the copious amounts of photos I have of Chloe and Poupette in their Halloween looks, and the difficult time I’m having picking Brooks’ look for this year’s celebration, I so, so, so appreciate great costumes.

Since Scott and I are planning to take Brooks trick or treating early in the night, I’ll be at home later on in the evening, dishing out candy and getting inspired by all the different Halloween costumes!

Chloe and Poupette Halloween Costumes

I’m still debating what I’ll dress up as this year, but when I do, you can be sure that I’ll upload a photo to Instagram of my costume of choice! I honestly think more than half the fun is the process of narrowing down options, and finally settling on the best one. After that, once I’m secure on the year’s costume, I anxiously anticipate everyone else’s!

This year, I want you to show me YOUR costume! Use #Simsoween on Instagram and Twitter (and make sure to mention me @MollyBSims) because I’m going to pick my favorites to feature on! I’ll upload the best Halloween costumes from the year as a special Simsoween #Simstagram post! Make sure to check back to see if your costume made the cut!

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