Wireless Woes



Okay I need to write an annoyed post. Today I went to a certain coffee shop in LA thinking that I'd get a soy latte, find a little nook, throw on my headphones and spend the day writing. Great idea right?


Wrong. After I spent at least 20 minutes ordering the perfect coffee and muffin, selected the ideal writing table and unpacked all of my computer stuff I realized that this particular coffee shop didn't have wifi. What?!


I thought that my computer must be playing an awful joke on me until the barista confirmed my worst nightmare...they were Internet free.


So I packed up my stuff, got a to go cup for my coffee and promptly left for home. So much for a productive day out...




ps: these photos are from my FAV Starbucks in Seattle on 15th where they most definitely have wifi.

Molly SimsComment