WINNING RECIPE: Seven New Ways to Serve Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

WINNING RECIPE: Seven New Ways to Serve Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Happy Turkey Day, everyone! I hope you’re spending the day giving thanks and feasting with your loved ones! If you’re like me, though, you probably make way too much food and then have more leftovers than you know what to do with. This year will be different. Here are seven easy ways to transform those Thanksgiving scraps into delectable new dishes:

1. Madame Quiche's Quiche au Fromage:
This is a great basic quiche recipe that you can add almost anything to. You can shred the turkey off the bone and add it in or use up that ham—and definitely put your leftover greens to use in a quiche.

2. Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich:
The most common use for Thanksgiving leftovers is the turkey sandwich. There are hundreds of variations! My personal favorite, however, is a turkey Panini with cranberry sauce and Brie.

3. Healthy Turkey Salad:
It's nice to have something light after a day of indulging. Feel free to experiment with your own recipe, but this combination of leftover turkey, arugula, spinach, sliced mushrooms, cranberries, shredded carrots, sliced red onions and a sprinkling of heart-healthy walnuts sounds divine.

4. Turkey Hash:
A delicious way to really transform your turkey is to make a yummy breakfast hash. Epicurious has a great recipe and even better, it calls for the dark meat you probably didn't serve the night before!

5. Turkey Pot Pie:
One thing I love about Paula Deen's turkey pot pie is that it only takes 25 minutes, a welcome change of pace the day after Thanksgiving.

6. Turkey Squash Soup:
With crushed red pepper and fresh lime juice, this Southwestern-inspired soup has a kick you probably didn't get the night before.

7. Cranberry Pumpkin Banana Bread:
If you're craving something sweet instead of savory, here is a good recipe for using up your excess pumpkin and cranberry sauce.

Do you have a favorite dish to make with your Thanksgiving leftovers?

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