How to Wear a Wide-Brimmed Hat

Though it never really gets "crisp" in the Fall in Los Angeles, I still like to dive into my colder weather attire whenever possible. After a few recent trips to New York, where the weather is decidedly chiller, I'm back to embracing one of the best accessories of the season - HATS!

I picked up a wide brimmed hat last year towards the end of the winter season, so I was AB-solutely itching to pull it out of my closet when temperatures dipped a bit. My weekend trip to Manhattan inspired a few colder weather outfits, including this gorgeous tribal inspired poncho.


When it comes to pulling off a hat like this, I really think the key is to remember that less is more. When you're adding such a bold statement, keep your hair sleek, your makeup minimal, and your outfit somewhat muted. Take a peek at some of my favorite wide-brimmed hats below and let me know how you're styling yours this fall!

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