Why it's Sometimes OK to Splurge on an $80 Candle

Why it's Sometimes OK to Splurge on an $80 Candle



Okay, okay, okay! I know that you're reading this and thinking that it is NEVER okay to splurge on an $80 candle...and three years ago I would have completely agreed with you. I really didn't get the lust that I saw happing over these expensive candles.

Then the unthinkable happened...I receivene as a gift. From the moment I opened the box I immediately sensed that this was not your run of the mill Bed Bath & Beyond candle. No, this one was something special. It came in a perfectly packaged box. As soon as I opened the lid I was blown away with the yummy smell of tuberose.


The candle was heavier than my usual candles and really seemed substantial. Once I lit the thing I really realized the difference. It burned so slowly and evenly that I didn't find myself having to constantly play the death defying game of try-to-cut-the-wick-without-getting-burned. No, this candle dwindled evenly. Not only that but it lasted forever.


After 3 months of pure bliss I realized what that $80 was buying me. A longer candle life. I then sat down and added up all of the money I spent on little $10 candles and how quickly they diminished. It was then that the epiphany hit. I was actually saving money with the expensive candle!

Since my eyes were opened I have purchased my candles very carefully. My typical rule of thumb is as follows: don't overbuy and don't buy until you are truly in need. You don't need 20 expensive candles around your home. You can decorate with the cheapies. Just buy one good one that will last you and enjoy!



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