What's In My Hospital Bag

The packing has begun! I cannot believe Baby Stuber #3 is almost here! It's definitely not my first time at the rodeo--so I've become a professional on what to pack when going to the hospital.

Here are my must-haves to pack before heading to the hospital. Like I always say...it's all about the preparation!

photo credit: Erica Hampton Photography

The Checklist:

1) Present from siblings

2) 2 receiving blankets

3) 2 outfits with hat

4) 2 nighties/gowns

5) Your own pillow from home

6) Framed photo of family

7) LED candle

8) Makeup bag/hair ties

9) Makeup wipes

10) Roll up rug

11) Prunes

12) Robe

13) Sandals/slippers

Am I forgetting anything?! If you have any suggestions, please comment below! 

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