What To Wear When You’re Supersized & Pregnant

Sometimes it was a struggle to get dressed when I was pregnant. To make it easier, I mapped out my outfits in advance and had all my go-to's. When I tried to just throw something on, I’d feel (and look) terrible. Planning and preparation was the key to avoid a meltdown.

So, if any of you soon-to-be #SUPERMOMMAS feel the same way, don’t worry. There are ways to feel like yourself again—even if you are supersized and swollen! Here are some tips and options that got me through my two pregnancies:

Stay Open To All Brands

In other words, you don’t have to only shop maternity stores and brands. I brought a few things from Pea In The Pod, but apart from that, I actually continued to shop regular brands. I didn’t even buy those expandable preggers jeans everyone does. My legs got too big, and frankly, jeans were the last thing on earth I wanted to wear.

Long, Layering Tanks

I lived and breathed by these things. First off, I was always hot and sweaty, so I’d layer them for that—so even if I was soaked (which I likely was) you’d never know it. Also, they were slouchy and covered my ever-expanding belly. And I love them still and wear them all the time. Money well spent!

Maxi Dresses

Basically, maxi dresses were glued to my body after month six. Dressy maxi dresses were about the only thing I’d be photographed in. They were flowy and feminine, breathable, yet still hugged my curves enough.


Hippie Skirts

My favorites were the kind that banded at the waist, that I could pull up or down and were comfortable on my belly. I wore this one tie-dye patterned skirt so much I probably should just burn it. They are just so super cozy and soft!

Long, Fitted Tank Dresses

My favorites were by Rachel Pally (rachelpally.com) which were really soft, comfortable, and perfect. Even if you’re big, if you do what some women think you should do and wear those tent dresses, you’ll actually look like a tank. Don’t.

Blazers Over Fitted Things

This was another go-to. I’d wear a fitted pant and tank (or a fitted tank dress) and then an oversized blazer or coat. Honestly, this somehow made me look leaner and longer and not as gigantic. A jean jacket works as long as it’s not a stiff, uncomfortable one.

Oversized Men’s Shirts

My button-ups wouldn’t fit around my little finger. So I bought oversized men’s shirts and wore my husband’s. I paired them with long skirts, or leggings and a cardigan.


Snug Cardigans

I must’ve worn my J. Crew leopard cardigan a million times. These also look great over tank dresses and with the long, hippie skirts.


No pregnant woman can live without these. I’d wear really big oversized sweaters over them—or I’d pair them with a boyfriend style slouchy cardigan and a super-long tank underneath.

Ballet Flats & Flip Flops

Both a must. I had a great pair of studded Havianas and, of course, my Lanvin flats. I actually had to throw some of my shoes away after pregnancy because I wore them out. Birkenstocks are good, too. They are super adjustable to fit fat feet. Now, they come in all kinds of stylish, fun looks like metallic and florals.



You can never go wrong.


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