What a Feeling!


  Do you ever wake up and just wish you were infinitely cooler than you really are? Like when you look in the mirror and realize that your hair is not even 1/10 as shiny as a hair commercial? Yeah, well today was one of those days for me. Today was one of those days when I wish there was something so secretly 3 dimensional about myself that it just effused out of me.

Kind of like Jennifer Beals’ character from the movie Flashdance. I mean she was a welder who had a whole secret life as a dancer. She had insanely cool hair that just emitted attitude. She lived in a cool loft apartment way before the people responsible for the hipster movement were even conceived. She was comfortable in her own skin and worked it. And then there was her style. I mean is there anything better than the Jennifer Beals’ one shoulder fashion movement? Wearing something off of your shoulder just screams cool.

So today I am going harness my inner Jennifer Beals and pull my shirt off of my left shoulder and pretend that underneath the mom/business woman cloak there is really a crazy talented dancer. Or sculptor. Or Archeologist. (Did I mention I thought I was Beyonce for at least a week after the Superbowl?) I can be anything I want. And with that, instant attitude transformation.

May you all harness your own inner Jennifer Beals today.

Photo Cred: Aaron Eckhart