WEDDING BELLS: Get My Perfectly Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

WEDDING BELLS: Get My Perfectly Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

One of the elements from my wedding that I got the most compliments on was the bridesmaids’ dresses, which you may remember from this post. I didn’t want my bridesmaids to look like typical bridesmaids, so I had the fabulous Elizabeth Kennedy design a collection of cohesive yet mismatched gowns.


But just because you don’t have a couturier at your disposal doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same look for your big day. Follow these easy pointers, and your bridal party will be perfectly mismatched too!

Start by picking a color scheme. It can include several tones, but make sure they all fall in the same color family. Pantone color books or paint fan books from your local hardware store make great sources of inspiration if you’re feeling stumped.

6650103413:Yahoo:photo Once you have your color scheme picked out, make an inspiration board. You can do this the old-fashioned way with scissors and push pins, or make a virtual one on Pinterest:

6650125447:Yahoo:photo Think of buzzwords that get your overall concept across—ie. vintage, elegant, girly, retro, modern or simple—and pass those along to your bridesmaids with the inspiration board.

Now comes the fun part: Let your girls pick out dresses that they’ll actually wear again!!! (How’s that for a concept?) They can choose from the ones you suggested or find something else similar.

You can certainly try taking a shopping trip with all the girls at once, but if you have a larger wedding party chances are not everyone will find something in one place. That’s OK—just make sure they run their choices by you before they make the purchase (the bride still deserves final say after all).

6650073137:Yahoo:photo 6650073347:Yahoo:photo 6650073321:Yahoo:photo 6650073229:Yahoo:photo What do you think of the mismatched bridesmaids dresses trend? Do you love it or prefer a more traditional look?

Love, Molly

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