WEDDING BELLS: Five More Planning Tips From My Own Big Day


6472735397:Yahoo:photoEveryone knows how much work goes into planning a wedding, and I learned a thing or two when I went through the process last summer that I think every bride-to-be should know. I already shared five of my wedding planning tips with you last month, but I still have a few more tricks up my sleeve. If you have any advice of your own, please share it in the comments section! 1. Look like yourself. If you don’t wear dramatic makeup on a regular basis, your wedding day is not the day to start wearing it. You don’t want to end up looking like a beauty pageant contestant! Instead, go for a slightly more polished version of your everyday look.

2. Take a moment. The day will be over before you know it, so be sure to take at least 10 minutes to step away and be alone with your new spouse. Schedule it into the evening’s festivities if you have to!

3. Have a good bar. If you have a good bar, people will have a good time. For couples who don’t have the budget for a full open bar, signature his and hers cocktails are a great compromise.

4. Mail out your save-the-dates. Even in this tech-savvy day and age, sometimes it is best to take a step back in time and remember the postman. It allows you to do a test run of your address list and everyone appreciates being able to plan ahead.

5. Don’t get too stuck in tradition. If you can keep this in mind, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress. From my mismatched bridesmaids dresses to having our wedding party sit, my wedding was anything but traditional and it was the best day of my life!

Are any of you planning a wedding? I’d love to hear about it!

Love, Molly

Photo: Gia Canali

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