Hydrate Beautifully with Detox Water

I’m spreading my hydration secrets with my friends over at Glamour.com!!

As a model, I will admit I’ve tried just about every diet in existence. I’m not gonna lie, but there have definitely been some crazy fad diets that I’ve given a whirl or two (or three) throughout the years. I talk all about my dieting highs and lows in my book, The Everyday Supermodel. It’s been a serious journey, but I’ve come out the other side healthier and happier.

Something that has plagued me in my dieting experience is that I was told over and over again is that I don’t drink enough water. I never listened. For NO good reason mind you, just that I’m a stubborn gal that thought water was boring. Well folks, I finally listened. It took countless dieticians and nutritionists to get it through my head. Our bodies need water to survive. Every organ in our body (every cell!!) needs water to work correctly. Water helps rid our bodies of toxins. Drinking plenty of water is key to maintaining a healthy weight. We need water for good health.

Now how much water should we be drinking each day? According to the Institute of Medicine, the average woman needs about 72 ounces of water each day. Now that I finally got the memo and was ready to up my water consumption, I was determined to give boring water (just kidding…I LOVE you water) a little pop of color. Not only do these taste yummy, but they look incredibly vibrant in your glass. Below are my four favorite detox water combos that I think you will enjoy.

  • Detox: Mint, grapefruit and lemon
  • Refresh: Cucumber, strawberry and lime
  • Nourish: Mango, papaya, orange and lime
  • Revive: Rosemary, blueberry and raspberry

The best route to getting full flavor is to let the fruit steep overnight. My ultimate #SupermodelSecret to making sure you get your full 72 ounces every day? Start drinking with a straw! I promise you will drink lots more. Another great tip is to always carry water with you, especially in your car. They make the best insulated water bottles these days that will keep your water nice and cool for about 12 hours. Definitely worth the investment.

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