Watch: How To Fake A Pregnancy Glow

Everyone’s skin is different during pregnancy. Some women get that “pregnancy glow.” I’m not sure if I ever have. Does sweating profusely from not being able to fit into my favorite jeans counts as a glow? Probably not.

During my pregnancies, including this one, I've dealt with something called melasma. It's basically dark pigmentation and spots that will not go away until you give birth. And it's horrible.

Luckily, you can fake most things with makeup. If you’re having skin problems during pregnancy (or just want a dewy glow look & you aren’t pregnant) here’s how to get it in a few simple steps:

STEP 1: Start with a clean palette

Gently cleanse and moisturize your face and neck. I've been using the makeup brushes from Artis for both my moisturizer and foundation. I've noticed it really allows my skin to really soak up the product and benefit from it.

Finish with a spritz of a hydrating essence or oil (like Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence) for an extra boost.

STEP 2: Apply a hydrating primer

My makeup artist, Nikki La Rose, always brings out the Peter Roth 24K Gold Lift & Firm Prism Cream when we are really trying to up the glow. This product actually has optical diffusers (like real 24K gold!) which instantly scatter light, which helps diminish any skin imperfections. (Yes. It's $42 dollars--but it lasts forever. All you need is one little dot to cover your entire face!)

To save time, mix in a bit of your primer with your foundation to apply all at once.

Step 3: Apply foundation

Use a damp beauty blender and apply foundation on the bridge of your nose, cupids bow, along the top of cheekbones, across the forehead, and chin. Buff in the product by gently pressing the sponge on your face.

When you are wanting to get a glow look like this one, NEVER use matte foundation. We want the skin to look like nothing full coverage! Laura Mercier's Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation is always a favorite of mine. Eve Lom Sheer Radiance Oil-Free Foundation is great, too!

Step 4: Apply Blush

Unless I'm going to an event or red carpet, I stick to cream blush. It just looks more natural and doesn't sit on my skin like powder blush sometimes can. With your finger, start by applying the color on the apples of the cheeks. Continue to sweep across the nose and forehead for a youthful, even look. Buff in with a kabuki brush or your beauty blender.

As far as I'm concerned, there's no cream blush quite like Stila. I use the color Sweet Pea--which actually looks great as a lip color, too! I'll never complain about a double-duty product.

Step 5: Highlight

This step helps it all come together! Apply a highlighting powder with a fan brush to cheeks, along the brow bone, and tear duct of eye.

It's important to note that when purchasing a highlighter you must attention to your skin tone. A powder that may look amazing on your friend may not work for you--just like foundation or lip color. (This article from InStyle maps it out perfectly!)

If you're not able to go to the makeup counter, Laura Gellar Baked Illuminator and Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop are both flattering on most skin types.

Step 6: Set With a hydrating spray

No matter what skin type you have, setting your makeup is important. For this look, I always finish off how I started--with a spritz of a hydrating spray. Not only does it keep the makeup in place but it provides more of that dewy glow we all love.

photo credit: Erica Hampton Photography

photo credit: Erica Hampton Photography

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