Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Girls

LOVE is in the air! Can you feel it?

While I AH-dore Valentine's Day, I know that it's so, so, so stressful when it comes to presents. Do you go all out and buy diamonds or do you stay cutesy and rely on heart filled accents? If you've just started dating, is a gift even appropriate? How much money should you spend? My advice is show the love. There are plenty of ways to find the ideal balance of  pink, red, and heart gifts regardless of your budget or length of your relationship. From a BE-yond cute pair of heart printed socks to lust worthy red pointed heels, I've selected a few gifts for the gals that'll make any Valentine smile.

Tell me everything about what you're buying for your significant other in the comments below. And don't worry ladies, I'll be back tomorrow with suggestion of gifts for your guy!!