Brooks' Playdate with Harper Beckham



The saying goes, you never know who you'll run into on the streets of New York City. And that came true for Brooks and I the other day in Soho. During a bit of a break from Fashion Week - I'm a mom first and foremost and I crave, crave, crave all the time I can spend with my little Brooksie - I took him to play in the park by our NYC home.


While I was trying to keep his toys all in one place, and keep up with my now-walking toddler, we almost ran into David Beckham and his daughter Harper!

Kids being kids, Brooks and Harper became best friends, like that.

Let me tell you something, it was adorable. Looks like Brooks has a new girlfriend. I wouldn't mind being in laws with Victoria Beckham and David!! Think she'll let me borrow a piece from her Spring runway???!!!