Trend Alert:  Embellishments

The Bling is back en vogue. The definition of embellish is to make something more attractive by the addition of decorative details or features.  So let’s not get crazy and drag out your bedazzlers and bling our wardrobes to the point of no return.  We are going for tasteful this time around in the blingy town.  When you are wearing embellishments less is more for the remainder of your look.  Let the embellishment shine.  For example this gorgeously chic top by Malene Birger would pair nicely with a pair of black trousers or skirt.  If low-key is what you are looking for than you better snag this embellishment top from Michael Kors.

If you are holiday party minded, then this gem from Alice and Olivia will be just fine.  This oversized sweater by Zhor & Néma is absolutely lovely.  Another great sweater is this one from Kate Spade. Even the LBD (little black dress) needs a little bling.  Check out this wardrobe staple from Marni.  Now if you really want to take your embellishments to the bridge, then go no further than this chic little number from Alice and Olivia.  In case you need a bit more embellished love I have a Pinterest board just for you.

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