Traveling with your Kids - Destination Sante Fe



Traveling with your kids can sound like a nightmare. Trust me, the thought of packing up toys, bottles, diapers, clothes, burp cloths, sunscreen, etc is enough to make me derail any thought of traveling with mister Brooks.

20130515-180211.jpg But what keeps me folding teeny tiny tshirt and adding them to a not so teeny tiny suitcase is the thought of what the getaway will mean for Brooks' development. The new sights and sounds are great for his developing mind. Hearing new accents and observing new social cultures are a great way to introduce him to things outside of his usual little world and to really let him know that there is a vast world that extends beyond his back yard.


Our trip to Santa Fe was an exceptionally exciting one for Brooks. He fell in love with the turquoise jewelry, was mesmerized by dream catchers and was ready to make Mommy and Daddy adopt a pet burro.


He experienced the Santa Fe lifestyle of going to local markets in search for the perfect chilies, visited the Basilica and Delancey Street and took in the colors used to formulate art in the Georgia O'Keef museum.


He even got to experience a little old world Santa Fe charm when he visited the set of "A Million Ways to Die" (go watch it!!) and got to tour an old ghost town.


We also introduced him to some robust southwest flavors at the Cowgirl restaurant and taught him the beauty of Labyrinth path stones.


By the end of the trip we were all exhausted and ready to head home but the excitement of watching Brooks experience these new things was reason enough to plan another weekend giveaway. 20130515-175424.jpg

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