Tokii Brings Busy Couples Back Together

Tokii Brings Busy Couples Back Together

Isn’t it funny how you have time to stand in line for coffee, watch your favorite TV show, and surf the web, but finding time for meaningful conversation with your partner can take a back seat? Maybe you’ve been so busy you didn’t even notice it happen. With work, kids, and just life in general, sadly sometimes we forget to connect in our relationships. But we can do something about re-discovering the qualities, hopes, and growth of the person you’ve gone through so much with!

Tokii gets technology working for your relationships instead of against it and lets couples use their smart phones and tablets to make their lives together better! With Tokii Mobile, you can turn any downtime into a chance to connect with your partner. Play games together throughout the day or send little love notes to each other with tools like:

The MoodMeter that lets you share exactly how you’re feeling so you can both get savvy to each other’s state of mind.

DiscoveryGames that add a little spark to your relationship; share your opinions and find out things you never knew about your partner.


Tokii understands that a relationship is like any machine. It requires ongoing maintenance to make sure performance is at peak level. Tokii can "tune up" your relationship so you can "tune in" to each other's needs and get the spark back!

Join Tokii! What have you got to lose? It’s free, it’s fun, and it only takes a few minutes to get started. You even have a chance to win an iPad! Get on the same page with your partner today!

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