8 Time Saving Apps For Your Phone

With a crazy schedule, it’s easy for simple tasks to become a burden. From cleaning your house, booking a last-minute hotel, or even going to the grocery store, there are apps that help with that. Here are some great time saving apps that can ease the stress or be there in a pinch:

1. Handy

Handy is the perfect app for any household need you may have. They specialize in everything from house cleaning, plumbing, electrical problems, and even furniture construction. With a click of a button, the app instantly matches you with a trusted professional in your area. The payment is secure with a 100% money-back guarantee. Call out a professional for a one-time use or set up weekly cleaning appointments.

 2. Instacart 

I absolutely HATE going to the grocery store. This is especially the case when I have to bring my kids. Talk about a nightmare! When I know I have little to no patience to make the trek, I use Instacart. This app provides personal shoppers to go to the store for you, pick out your items, and deliver them within an hour. If you just want to try it out, your first delivery is free with sign up.

3. PS Dept

My friend, Emese Gormley, (aka my resident beauty product whore) turned me on to this app when I was in NYC. And, surprise! I’m addicted. It’s a personal shopper in an app. How many times have you either needed an item of clothing for an event or have no time to go shopping for sales? PS Dept does the work for you and notifies you when they’ve found the best options. You also have the option to scroll through other people’s requests to see if any work for you!

4. Washio 

What’s worse than having loads of laundry to do? Nothing. That’s why Washio is such a genius app. This on-demand service allows you to outsource your laundry and dry cleaning…on your schedule! All you have to do is go to the app, select a 30-minute window where your clothes will be picked up, and they will arrive back within 24-36 hours! It’s basically the Uber (another great app!) for clothing, in my opinion. The rates are reasonable too!

5. Waze 

I know this one is pretty well known but I had to add it to the list. It has literally SAVED me! Living in Los Angeles, I encounter inconvenient traffic almost daily. Because of this, I use Waze. The difference between this app and other navigation services is that Waze alerts you of traffic, closures, accidents, etc. in real time. It outsmarts the traffic by taking you on the best possible route to your destination.

6. Saucey

This is real life, people. Saucey is an app that actually delivers alcohol to your doorstep. Just have your ID ready! Their selection includes everything from top shelf liquor to wine. They’ll also deliver mixers to go along with your order. This comes in handy when you run out of drinks at a party or have no time to run out to the store. For your parties, Saucey also has on-demand bartenders with a click of a button.

6. Hotel Tonight 

Oh, wow. I can’t even begin to tell you how often this app has completely saved my life. There have been times when my plane is delayed, a last minute event, or some other minor emergency and Hotel Tonight has been the easiest way to find a room fast! This is especially true when you need it just for one night. This app allows you to book last minute reservations, which usually have a discount. There are also reviews, professional photos, and app user photos to get a true feel for what the hotel is like before you book. This app is in most cities and is always a comfort to have just in case.

7. The Glam App 

I’ve mentioned this app before, but it’s too good to not write about again. This beauty-on-demand service, (created by my makeup artist, Joey Maalouf along with actress and fashion blogger, Cara Santana) delivers beauty experts to your front door, office, or photo shoot in a matter of minutes. Whether you need a blow dry, makeup application, manicure--The Glam App has you covered.

8. Postmates

Okay, can I be honest? Sometimes I am way too tired to cook at home. These are the nights that I just want food delivered and get it over with. That’s where Postmates comes in. The app is a messenger on-demand delivery service from restaurants in most major cities. As a momma of two, this comes in handy all too often. It’s also a great way to try new things in your city!