My Laundry Tips With Tide And What’s Up Moms

My Laundry Tips With Tide And What’s Up Moms

Ugh, laundry day. Those two words could even put the most domestic of moms into a tailspin. You can spend ALL day separating, folding, getting those weird stains out of your husband’s shirt (it happens) and by the end of it all … it starts again. Oh, the never ending cycle! Add some baby spit up stains and overall toddler chaos (finger paint, food, dirt, etc, etc, etc) and it can make any momma go insane!

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. I’m pleased to partner with Tide and What’s Up Moms on an initiative to CONQUER LAUNDRY DAY! We are raising awareness that this household chore doesn’t have to be an all-day affair and rather another thing to quickly check off the list.

How can this be done? Tide High Efficiency (HE) Turbo Wash This product won’t carry extra suds into the rinse cycle and prevent wasted time that occurs in those extra rinse cycles. Lots of suds = more wash time and who has time for that? Not me! This product, along with their High Efficiency (HE) washer, is a lifesaver.

Check out the hilarious video from What’s Up Moms “The Day We Conquered Laundry.”

Just in case you were about to “throw in the towel” (only to realize it would add to your never ending load), here are some more laundry tips to have a better experience and even better results:

  • Use a lingerie bag for your socks to keep them from going AWOL. Don’t have a lingerie bag? A pillowcase will work, too!
  • Zip up all zippers so they can’t rub against clothes and damage the fibers.
  • For washable garments that are stained, turn garment inside out from stain. Run cool water from the faucet through the stain to try to “push” the stain out.
  • Hand wash your bathing suit to extend its life and let air dry so it regains its shape
  • Aluminum foil is a great and inexpensive hack to replace dryer sheets. Toss clean clothes in the dryer with a large wadded up ball of aluminum foil to act as a conductor to attract the static electricity

How do you have a better laundry experience? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks!

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