The Ultimate Accessory

The Ultimate Accessory

I know what you're thinking, the ultimate accessory must be earrings. Or a necklace, or even a flashy statement bracelet that makes your arm sing. But the accessory I'm talking about is the one that is with you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


The one you take to bed with you, the one you hold on tightly to during the day and the one you can't ever manage to part with. Your cell phone.


Cell phones are part of our daily lives. They are the most personal thing we have. They have all of our contacts, photos and emails. So why should something that is so important and is always attached to us look so uniform and boring?


Start thinking outside of the box and let the outside of your phone be an extension of who you are as a person!


Here are 5 phone cases that I'm obsessed with.



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