The Exit Row



So I'm currently on a plane with one of my girls and we are seated in the exit row. Now, on first thought this sounds like a great idea. Extra leg room, upgraded ticket which means you can board early…but no. Let me tell you why this is NOT the best seat and how this story went down.


So my BFF and I went to check in and thanks to someone (me) taking a bit long to get ready we were running late to the airport. When we checked in we learned that our seats were not together but that for a $50 upgrade fee we could be switched to exit row seating. More room for our stuff, ability to stretch out…GENIUS.


Not so fast.


After getting on the plane we realized that we just paid $50 each to be responsible for opening the door and taking care of everyone on the plane in the unlikely event of a crash landing. Not that I wouldn't want to help people but the weight of ensuring that everyone onboard gets off safely is a lot of pressure to put on someone!


Second beef with the exit row is that the seats don't recline. No explanation needed.


Third reason I'm not as stoked as I once was about this amazing upgrade is that it is considered an exit at all times the plane is grounded and you are unable to use your tray table while on the ground. That means that this big ole laptop is resting on my lap…





Molly Sims2 Comments