The Art of Saying Thank You

One of the most grounded and important life lessons my mother has taught me is to always be grateful and gracious.  I have really tried to live by and embrace that belief throughout my life.  Always being gracious topped with a healthy dose of my Southern hospitality upbringing, has made me a woman who is obsessed with sending thank you cards!


To make matters even worse, I also have a stationary addiction that only adds fuel to the matching card and envelope fire!!  Kidding aside, sending a thank you card is such a genuine and sincere gesture.  If someone does something nice for you, it only makes sense for you to acknowledge how thankful you are. In all honesty it is also probably the most budget friendly gesture I have ever heard of.  AKA for the price of a card and a stamp!

My stationary addiction went especially berserk around wedding time.  Putting together my invites with Mr. Boddington was really one of the highlights of my wedding planning.  I loved my invites so much I had them make my married lady stationary, which is perfect for writing a thank you.

Then when my son, Brooks, was born, we had thank you cards specially designed for him.  I’m slightly obsessed with the envelope liner.

There are so many thank you card options to suit your personal style.  Adding humor is always fun! Whatever your choice of parchment or cardstock may be, here’s hoping your good intentions are well received!!!

QUICK TIP: Take it up a notch by using a similarly themed postage stamp.  We use these for Brooks’ thank you cards.

Do you readers you have any spectacular stationary or thank you cards you want to share?  I would love to see!!