The Kids' Table: Turkey Day

When I was a kid the “kids' table” was an afterthought, a hodge-podge of mismatched chairs with a rickety card table. The old kids' table was definitely not worthy of a tablecloth or even a breadbasket. I remember looking over longingly at the majesty that was the adult table wondering how long it would take me to make the move to greener pastures.

That is SO not the case these days. The kids' table has evolved big time. To tell you the truth I am happy to lead the charge because let’s face it, if your kids are happy and entertained doesn’t it stand to reason that the adults will be able to enjoy themselves more at their table?? Yes, and please pass the vino. (Just kidding. I’m pregnant, but you get the picture). Today, I shot a new segment with AOL about how to elevate the kids’ table around the holidays. I can’t wait to show you all my budget friendly ideas and share some tips and tricks on making the kid table extra special during the holiday season. Stay tuned for our latest upcoming segment.


Today we are tackling the Thanksgiving kid table. We kept it simple and made our “tablecloth” base of brown kraft paper. Because our table is an ode to Thanksgiving, I had to make sure to include a little Tom Turkey love. I found this perfect coloring page template for our kid table bounty. I then painted a super simple “turkey trail” down the center of the table so Brooks and our esteemed mini guests can use it to play with these super cool pop-out animals I recently found. Brooks loves them. (**Please note manufacturer's age recommendation for toy.) 

Overall we went FUN (the most important part) and looking at Brooks’ face, I believe we succeeded.  Instead of over the top fancy place cards (so old people table) I used foam letters to spell out our guests’ names. My favorite part of this table is the little cutlery pockets I made so easily with two types of shelf liners. I especially like the faux wood shelf liner I used as adhesive/seam for my cutlery pocket. Definitely added to the overall rustic look of our table don’t you think??  Gobble Gobble!!


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