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SWAP IT: Zucchini Pasta

WellnessMolly SimsComment
SWAP IT: Zucchini Pasta

I try to limit my refined starches like bread and pasta, but sometimes I get serious carb cravings. That’s why I was super excited when I heard about this spaghetti stand-in: zucchini “pasta.”


You can find several variations of the recipe online, but I was quite pleased with this one that was featured in the "New York Times."

If you want to switch it up a bit, you can also try:

  • Summer squash in place of zucchini, or a colorful combination of both vegetables
  • Using a julienne peeler to make a more spaghetti-like “pasta”
  • Pesto or marinara sauce in place of some of the olive oil, salt and pepper
  • Topping with grilled shrimp for a fantastic main course



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