Surviving the Holidays: Easy Ways to Transition Your Home From Festivity to Festivity

molly sims friendsgiving table Let’s talk holiday decorating, shall we?

With so many ideas out there on how to decorate your home this year, it can become a bit overwhelming. Are you doing deep jewel tones? Wintery metallics? Adventurous brights? The real question is, how do you transition from holiday to holiday without, well … needing to refinance your home?

The key is to buy basic essentials then build decorations around them. Opt for white plates when you furnish your home, that way you'll be able to easy match with any accents you may purchase for holidays throughout the year. Whether you're planning a Friendsgiving, an Easter dinner, or a birthday party, your white plates, elegant silverware, and glasses will provide the backdrop for all of your festivities.

Here are my tips when it comes to decorating for any sort of cocktail party, dinner or soiree at your home:

  • Buy glass candleholders and switch out the colors and scents of your candles.
  • Gold placemats pair well with tons of different colored napkins and plates.
  • Purchase decorative glass bowls and transitioning what you fill them to pair with the occasion.
  • Don't try to match everything - a little bit of variety goes a long way.
  • Use accents to celebrate. Switch out pillow cases and throw blankets in your living room for a touch of the season.
  • There is nothing like fresh flowers, and even fruits, to easily decorate your space for the season.

Whether it’s sparkling mini pumpkins or mini candy canes, or orange and red flowers, your guests will definitely appreciate the touch of holiday without going overboard.

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