My Sunset Eye Makeup Tutorial

I've been doing this "sunset eye" for years. It's kind of my go-to when I want to amp up my look for a night out or an event. One of my makeup artists', Gianpaulo Ceciliato, has perfected this look. He really knows how to turn me into a bronze goddess!

Click below to watch the tutorial on my YouTube channel: 

STEP 1: Line the top lid of the eye with a bronze pencil (I used by Terry Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon) and also on the bottom.

STEP 2: Take a medium brown eyeshadow (I used Charlotte Tilbury's Luxury Palette Eyeshadow in The Golden Goddess), and sweep it just under the bottom lash line and along the outer corner and crease--keeping the color diffused and the line very soft. Make a V-shape.


photo credit: Allen Daniel Photography

STEP 3: Then make a V-shape in the outer crease of the eye and a little along the bottom corner with a bronze shadow (something not too sparkly, but with a nice shimmer). Blend the bronze shadow in with the brown shadow.

STEP 4: With a softer brush, sweep a gold shimmer shadow (I used the gold in the Bobbi Brown Warm Eyeshadow Palette) in the inner crease of the eye and use a windshield wiper motion to blend it in with the bronze shadow in the outside corner. The goal is to have an ombre effect, lightest color toward the inside blending to the darkest along the outside of the eyes.

STEP 5: Place a little bit of gold eyeliner (I love by Terry Ombre Blackstar in Beyond Gold) to the inner lash, top and bottom, to brighten and add sparkle to the eyes.


photo credit: Allen Daniel Photography

STEP 6: Add subtle mascara to define lashes (Hourglass Cosmetics 'Film Noir' Full Spectrum Mascara is my favorite!)


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