Sunglasses For Every Face Shape

I love a good pair of sunglasses. Not only do they protect your eyes, they add an instant "cool-factor." I always have my every day go-to but I'm also a huge fan of experimenting and switching them out depending on my outfit or mood. These blue Illesteva glasses are EVERYTHING to me right now!

Since I'm always on the hunt for new shades, I've learned what frames work for me. It can be extremely tough to find the perfect pair. Like lip shades, face shades aren't one-size fits all.

The first step is finding your face shape. Have you ever noticed how a certain style looks great on a friend but unfortunately, not the best on you? Once you figure out your specific shape, shopping for sunnies becomes a lot easier.

If you're looking for a new pair for summer, here’s a quick rundown of how to pointpoint + what style to shop:

ROUND: The width and length of your face are roughly the same.

To put it simply, round faces should stay away from frames that will make their faces appear more round. In other words, avoid circular frames. Go for a more square shape or wayfarers.

What to buy: rectangular frames, square shaped, or aviators. 

SQUARE: Strong jawline and broad forehead.

On the opposite spectrum, round frames balance and soften out a square face. With this shape, it's flattering to buy frames that extend past the length of your face. Nothing boxy and angular!

What to buy: oval shaped frames, rounded frames, or cat-eye frames. 

OVAL: Long and thin with a slightly narrower chin than forehead.

If you have an oval-shaped face, congratulations. Shopping for sunnies happens to be a little easier for you! Most styles work on this shape so you're able to mix it up. Cat-eye, aviators, round frames--whatever. Now, it just comes down to your features. If you have softer features, avoid thick frames. The point of a great pair of glasses is to accentuate, not overwhelm.

What to buy: cat-eye frames, rectangular frames, square frames, aviators, anything. Just try to avoid large frames if you have softer features. 

HEART: Forehead significantly wider than chin with high cheekbones. The chin also tends to come to a point or narrow. 

For heart-shaped, the goal is to broaden the appearance of jawline and minimize length of forehead. To balance, pick shades that are wider at the bottom. You definitely want to steer clear of any small frames or anything with embellishments.

What to buy: rimless frames, aviators, or round shaped frames. 

FYI: It is possible to be a mix of two. If that's the case, try on both and leave it up to your own personal preference!