I’ve had a super FAB summer and I really hope you have, too!!

Brooks becomes more of a big boy every day and my heart overflows with love watching him grow into such a cool little dude.  Seeing him interact and get to spend time this summer with his grandparents, cousins, all of our friends and their children is truly a memory that I will always treasure.  I’m blessed and so thankful for the love, life and family (and friends!!) we have.

This summer brought two new beautiful baby girls into our circle (Welcome Julia and Maeve).  We celebrated Brooks' 2nd Birthday as well as the birthdays of my girls Mimi and Emese.  We spent lots of time playing in the sprinklers and made the yummiest popsicles on the block.  The 4th of July was awesome and I’ve really have been enjoying the opportunity to share with you all of my tips, tricks and recipes!!  From surviving plane trips to road trips to camping, I really try to share what I’ve learned and what has made my life easier and more vibrant. Not that I have it all figured out!! Trust me, the only reason I know is because someone shared with me.

Thank you to all the contributors of MollySims.com and especially the readers who inspire and share with me all of your tips and tricks, too! I hope you had a beautiful weekend with your families and your summer was grand.