Superb Succulents

Super duper succulents, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

No, seriously, how can you not LOVE succulents?!? They come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes and colors that span the rainbow twice. Succulents have evolved way beyond the jade plant of the '70s. (Don’t get me wrong, I love me a jade plant!!)

I think my initial attraction to succulents came from their wonderful resilience to those of us without green thumbs. I would say they are almost bullet proof to even the most practiced of plant killers, myself included. This is the most low maintenance relationship you could ever be in!!


I will admit I’m a bit obsessed with the teeny weenie succulents they use in mini gardens and planters. What’s really cool are all of the unique planters and vessels I’ve seen people using recently with succulents. From teacups to old cans, they are all so cute. I love the whole fairy garden idea and the minute Brooks grows out of some of his trucks, I definitely plan on using one of those bad boys as a planter. The pic above to the right is a recycled wine bottle.


Besides being easy to take care of, they are super easy to propagate. I’ve pinned a few different “how to’s” in my Succulent Pinterest board. There are many different approaches and I don’t know which is best. You know I like the easy peasy method (incredibly scientific term) and I’ve been told by a trusted green thumbed friend of mine, that merely letting your cutting dry out for a few days to the point that there’s a skin over the bottom before you stick in the ground works just fine, too.


What I love the MOST about succulents is their incredible versatility. They look great in scenarios from humble to chic. One of my dearest friends, Michelle Carlson, used succulents in her wedding. From the place cards, bouquets to the boutonnieres, it was stunning. I’ve included some of my favorite succulent friendly finds for you to check out, too!!

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