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STYLE ICON: Brigitte Bardot

FashionMolly SimsComment
STYLE ICON: Brigitte Bardot



It’s often said that truly great art withstands the test of time, and I like to apply this standard to style as well. Since I already tend to favor more of a timeless, classic look than an overly trendy one, looking to icons from earlier decades is one of my favorite sources for fashion inspiration.

Take Brigitte Bardot, for example: Given my love affair with stripes, bikinis and beauty products, the 1950s and ‘60s screen siren is one of my ultimate style icons. And while she’s widely known for being one of the great beauties of our time, her influence on the fashion world extends far beyond what most people are aware:

  • For one thing, Bardot is actually credited with popularizing the bikini after wearing one in some of her early films and appearances at Cannes. How major is that?
  • She also popularized the wide neckline that exposes both shoulders—it’s even called the Bardot neckline!
  • Bardot forever changed the course of footwear history. Having trained as a ballerina when she was young, she asked dance shoe maker Rose Repetto to make her an everyday shoe that was as delicate and easy to wear as a ballet slipper. Thus, the first-ever ballet flat was born.
  • When it comes to beauty, what’s more iconic than those kohl-rimmed eyes and voluminous hair? It’s a look that every woman wants to don at some point.


Inspired yet? Here are a couple of looks to help you channel Bardot’s effortlessly glamorous St. Tropez style:





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