Is there anything better than Starbucks? I mean really...

I love everything about the Starbucks experience. I love walking in

and smelling the yummy coffee smell, ordering my fav beverage right

down to having my name written on my cup.



My drink of choice is, and this should come as no surprise, a Black

Tea Lemonade. It is my southern mama coming out.


Today while I was standing in line waiting to order my version of

heaven I started thinking about just how much I actually love the

whole experience that is Starbucks. I love that when I walk in I can

feel out of sorts, tired and just not 100%; but the second I leave I

am jazzed up, happy and ready for the day.



So for me, Starbucks is more than a cup-o-joe, it's a little slice of

happiness. Here's to your happiness!



Molly Sims2 Comments