Southern Hospitality: How to Set a Proper Table



Let the official countdown to Turkey Day begin! Since Thanksgiving is the one day a year I go all out in the kitchen (think turkey, biscuits, stuffing—the works!), I like to start planning my menu bright and early. But when you spend so much time worrying about basting the bird and mashing the potatoes, it’s easy to overlook the most basic tenet of hosting: the table itself. A properly set table is a canvas for a beautiful meal—and it doesn’t have to be complicated either. Keep this diagram on hand if you’ll be hosting this holiday season and I promise your setup will be stress-free…


1. Napkin
2. Salad Fork
3. Dinner Fork
4. Dessert Fork and Spoon
5. Dinner Knife
6. Teaspoon
7. Soup Spoon
8. Bread and Butter Plate
9. Salad Plate
10. Dinner Plate
11. Water Glass
12. Wine Glass
13. Coffee Cup and Saucer

Now all you need is some good home cooking and you’re all set!

Do you have any other etiquette questions for me?

When you grow up in Kentucky, this kind of stuff is in your blood!

Love, Molly

Photos: Anthropologie Watercolor Petals Dinnerware, Reed & Barton Hammered Antique Flatware, Pier 1 Sand Hemstitch Napkin, Weinland Water Glass, Crate & Barrel Oregon 22 oz. Big White Wine Glass


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