Skin Deep: 11 Great Products for Post-Summer Sun Protection

Skin Deep: 11 Great Products for Post-Summer Sun Protection

Ever heard that saying about having all the right friends in all the right places? Well I definitely have that in my friend and skincare expert Hillary Fogelson (aka PaleGirl). After surviving a melanoma at only 25, Hillary decided to dedicate much of her life to melanoma prevention and education. Whether she’s giving me tips, bugging me about putting a hat on, or hosting events for melanoma research, Hillary is always inspiring and informing me. Today she’s going to set the story straight on what every gal and guy should be doing for our skin this fall. The kids are back in school and the bathing suits and beach towels are tucked away—summer is over. Sigh. But before you push all the tubes of sunscreen to the back of your medicine cabinet and replace your wide-brimmed hats with fall scarves, remind yourself that sun protection should be a year-round priority. Sunburns and sun damage don’t just happen in the summer. Many people have gotten their worst burns on cool, cloudy days, when mild temperatures masked what were in fact, harmful and powerful UV rays.

So how do we do it? How do we keep our skin looking great as the seasons change? The key is accepting the fact that our summer sun care products are just that—summer products. Cool temperatures, harsh winds, and indoor heating all dry out our skin. Hot air holds moisture and cold air— you guessed it—literally sucks the water out of our skin, making it feel tight and dry. That’s why this fall it’s vital to invest a little time in finding a few great products that work with your skin and the changing weather.

Here are some ideas to keep sun protection simple and weather appropriate!


1. Switch to a richer sunscreen. Since I have combination skin, I spend summers covered in matte finish sunscreens. When colder temperatures roll in I switch to hydrating products, often with a subtle tint to beat winter pallor. I suggest: 

· Garnier BB Cream · Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection (no tint) · HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle UV Protection (light weight, but still hydrating).

2. Use a hand cream with sun protection. You’re going to be using hand lotion anyway, so might as well make it a dual-purpose product and use something with SPF. Plus, if you spend a lot of time in the car, UVA rays penetrate glass and hands become prime targets for over-exposure—and who wants wrinkled hands covered in sunspots?! Try:

· Soleil Organique Environmental Defense Hand Cream · Boot No7 Protect and Perfect Hand Cream · Deborah Lippman Rich Girl Hand Cream SPF 25

3. Try a tinted body lotion with SPF. In the winter, I actually show more leg than in the summer months, so I like a bit of color in my moisturizer to cut the glow! Self-tanner is also a nice option, but since I find most make my legs feel dry, I typically stick to tinted lotions or creams. Check out:

· DuWop Revolution with SPF 15 · EltaMD Physical SPF 41

4. Wear sunglasses. Unless you like crow’s feet, keep those glasses on year-round. Snow reflects nearly 80% of UV rays; so whether you’re skiing or shoveling the front walk, protect your eyes!

· Elizabeth & James lenses have UV protection!

5. Consider a creamy lip balm with sun protection. My lips always feel chapped and most lip balms and glosses seem to make the feeling worse! After years of experimentation, my two favorites are:

· Benetint SPF 15 Lip Balm · Clinque Long Last Glosswear SPF 15

So remember, UV rays are powerful and can cause damage all year long—take precautions and protect yourself and your skin this fall!

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Have any favorite SPF products of your own? Let Hillary and I know below!

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