Five Questions with Shiva Rose

One of my favorite websites is called The Local Rose, created by the wonderful and completely delightful Shiva Rose. She is truly a vibrant lady that I’m lucky to know. Shiva was kind enough to do a little Q and A for us and for the record, I’m completely addicted to her Rose Oil!!

What do you think would be good advice for someone interested in changing their family’s current routine/lifestyle?

When I had my first daughter 18 years ago, I also felt a huge shift to live in a cleaner more authentic way. There are three major changes people can do to help themselves towards a more vibrant, glowing life that will also help our Mama Earth:

  1. To eat as organically as one can, and eliminate all processed/genetically modified foods from their diets. This may seem daunting at first, but there is such a huge grassroots movement happening in our country, and there are farmers markets popping up everywhere. Hopefully we will someday be able to label our foods to know what has GMO ingredients, but until that day avoid corn, soy, fructose, beet sugar, and most processed foods.
  2. Use non-toxic products on your body and on your children’s bodies. One in three people will likely be treated for cancer from the toxic chemicals in our products and environment. I have a rule of thumb – If I can’t read it, or eat it, I won’t slather it on my body. There are so many beautiful oils, and products that you can use like coconut oil. Also traditional toothpaste has fluoride, which is toxic to us so switch to a natural brand.
  3. Get rid of the toxic chemicals found in most traditional cleaning agents. On my site I’ve posted about making a natural bleach detergent and there are so many great companies that carry amazing cleaning agents for the home that aren’t toxic.

What is your favorite color?

I love so many colors like azure blue for the sea and green like the forests, but I would say white is my favorite color, since it encompasses all colors and wearing it expands your aura by 100 times. It also is the color of peace.

Your Rose oil is heavenly. What was your inspiration behind making this product?

I started the rose oil when I realized how many products that we use for beauty are actually a detriment to our health. I started tinkering with some high quality oils from various organic farms to create a nourishing, powerful, skin serum. I used some essential rose oil in the mix since rose heals the heart, reduces inflammation and is the highest vibration in the flower world.


Who are some your favorite designers right now?

I love Isabel Marant, The Row mixed in with some vintage pieces, Ulla Johnson for Boho-chic, Black Crane for everyday casual, Raquel Allegra for gorgeous silk tie-dye dresses, Zara for some casuals, Pip Squeak Chapeau dresses in linen.

If you were going away for the weekend, what would most certainly be in your overnight bag?

If I’m going away for a weekend trip I always bring a (Malia Mills) bathing in case there are hot springs, a silky flowy dress, white cotton night gown, my rose oil, botanical sprays to clean energy where I’m staying, music, my new rose candle, crystals, a book, either a straw hat or felt depending on the weather, and sneakers for hiking or walking.

What is your favorite app and why?

I love Waze! It's perfect for discovering new cities and helping me reach any destination without getting lost. Environmental Working Group has an app to discover if any products are toxic, which is helpful if I’m researching for a new beauty line for the blog. Also love this site called Find a Spring (and may also be an app) to find fresh water springs near you.