My Undercover Wardrobe Warriors

My friend, Rachel Zoe, herself will tell you that when she and her team style a celeb, looking poised and polished is often as much about what’s under the clothes as the clothes themselves. I have worn it all when it comes to figure fixers. Belly jelly, anyone? Bra-induced back fat? After baby, I’m all too familiar! Trust me, there isn’t a girl on the red carpet today that isn’t getting undercover help from a tummy tamer or a behind binder-or who knows-maybe even duct tape. In my book, The Everyday Supermodel, stylist Mimi Brown and I outlined a few ways to tame your fuller frame.

Here are some of my top tips for undercover agents and hidden helpers:

o   Stock up on control/support items: shorts, tummy control tights, and body suits. Waist cinchers are always helpful under tight or clingy tops and dresses. Some of these wardrobe warriors are so commonplace you can even find them in drugstores, like Walgreens.

o   Buy your favorite strapless and T-shirt bra in nude and black-most come with a variety of straps you can rig different ways to accommodate different necklines. Make sure you own at least one bra that does not have any wire or boning around the base; that’s what creates the bra bulge in the back. If that’s not enough support for you, add foam inserts or “chicken cutlets” to the inside of your favorite non-padded bra or no underwire bra for more lift. Tanks that tighten and smooth bra bulge are lifesavers too!

o   Breast petals and breast tape are great if you need to go totally braless. Double up on the breast tape and apply under each breast in a half moon shape and jerry-rig up on each side to mimic the lift underwire would normally provide. (Duct tape will work in a pinch!) Then, top off with a breast petal to cover the nips. A lot of work but it does the job!

o   A variety of briefs and thongs in nude for light-colored bottoms and skirts. Truth be told, when necessary, commando is best-no lines under tighter clothing. Just say no to grandma panties unless it’s that time of the month, or you are pregnant (then you are off the hook!)

o   It doesn’t have to uncomfortable, but some lacy and sweet lingerie can make you feel like a femme fatale. A nude and a black lace bra/panty set should do the trick. For lingerie that’s “everyday supermodel” sexy our picks include Elle Macpherson, La Perla, EberjeyCosabella, EresHanky Panky, and Maje/Sandro.

#SupermommaSecret: Let me guess…you guys gave birth and you still look pregnant? Trust me-I’ve been there. Put on two pairs of tummy-control shorts every day for at least a trimester after you give birth. It helps everything that stretched out of this world come back to earth. It’s uncomfortable and you’ll sweat like a you-know-what in church, but it works. I also am a huge fan of the Belly Bandit!