School Daze Here We Come!!

Where has the time gone?!?  I can’t believe Brooks is just about to start his two year old pre-school program next week.  It seems like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant.  I’m don’t know if I’m ready for this!!

If you ask Brooks, he’s full steam ahead and extremely excited for this new adventure.  As a parent who loves to be prepared, I’ve been researching, organizing and gathering all the necessities that my perfect angel will need to start school.  I’ve got my tips and tricks all lined up to share with you that will hopefully help you and your little ones initiate their school journey, too.

With most things in toddler land, it is good practice to explain to your little monkey exactly what the future holds. Many toddlers aren’t really game for surprises (unless they are covered in chocolate sprinkles) and school is no exception.  Give them the scoop on the upcoming adventure, explain the run down of how their day will flow and get them excited and engaged about the entire process.  I had Brooks pick out his school backpack, which made him very enthusiastic about heading off to “big boy” school. He wanted to wear his new dinosaur backpack for most of the day!

More than school supplies and back packs, I think it is SO important to feed our kids as healthy as possible so they are arriving to school on a full tank of gas ready to tackle the day.  I also plan on making sure his lunch is filled with easy to handle healthy foods that he loves, because Momma bear won’t be there to make sure he takes “one more bite”.  I actually have a bevy of yummy kid lunch ideas that I’m going to share with you tomorrow.  Brooks definitely loved the dry run of our lunch making expedition.  I love that he is always game to try new foods.

Beyond breakfast and lunch I want to make sure I’m giving my boy the proper vitamins and nutrients to build Brooks’ immune system.  They don’t call school the “germ factory” for nothing!!  Don’t get me wrong, not in a bad or scary way, just the increased exposure to runny noses, coughs, sniffles, and colds that are a regular part of life.   Brooks is very fond of the Omega-3 gummies from Nordic Naturals.

I’ve also been adding Dr. Schulze’s Super food plus to Brooks’ smoothies.  It’s an absolutely excellent way to get in the daily vitamins and minerals our little ones need to rock the playground. Two other great products to add to smoothies are the following: First Defense made by Childlife.  First Defense is completely safe for children of all ages and can be used either short or long term to increase natural defense responses.  The second item is also made by Childlife and is a probiotic with Colostrum.  Probiotics are amazing for intestinal health as well as full spectrum of antibodies and immune factors.

QUICK TIP:  Label anything you can: backpacks, clothing, lunch box, etc.  It will save you some headaches and time spent digging through the lost and found trying to find someone’s favorite blankie.  I’m really digging these personalized labels from Mabel’s Labels.

I know we are all going to be okay and I’m going to try my best to put on a brave face when it comes to dropping off Brooks for his first day of school.  I know it is so good for him but as his momma, it will be really hard to set a good example and not burst into tears as I head out the door.  Thankfully, Scott is coming with me and they allow parents to hang out a bit until the kids get settled and acclimated.

What are some of your back to school rituals and how did you handle sending your first child to school?  Was it harder on them or you?  Tell me Everything!!!  Remember, check in tomorrow as we tackle yummy healthy lunches for kids.

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