Scarlett’s First Birthday Party

I am in complete disbelief that our little angel is ONE YEAR OLD! Scarlett is such a lovable, hilarious, and magical baby girl. We love, love, love her so much! Since I take birthdays pretty seriously, we decided to go all out again this year. The theme was “Rose and Cupcakes.” A little rose for the adults and lots and lots of cupcakes (and cookies!) for the kids!


Once again, Stefanie Cove, Neely Shell, and their team from Yifat Oren completely rocked it. We love a theme! And their creative expertise always brings it together.


A party is never complete without a couple of fun activities for the kids. For Scarlett’s party, we had the wonderful Nicola Vruwink from WINK design a DIY flower crown station (or prince crowns for the boys!), paper flowers, and some fun beaded necklaces.

We were so lucky to have so many of our friends and family there - including Scarlett's grandma and grandpa!


There were also cupcakes and cookies to decorate from the delicious Sprinkles Cupcakes.


Speaking of sweets, Scarlett wasted no time getting a taste of her cake.


Brooksie, like the big brother he is, couldn’t stand not being in on the action, too!


It was such a special day filled with friends and family. We love you, Scarlett!


All photos courtesy of Gia Canali