Reflation - the Mother of all Injectables



I know, just what the world needs, more facial injectables. But I was recently reading an article about Reflation in this month’s W Magazine and it actually sounds kind of interesting.

The article talked about how by the time we turn 50 we end up losing a large amount of our facial bone structure (up to 20%!). This is what gives that deflated look. The new procedure is based on a long term repair of this deflation called, what else, reflation.

The reflation process was developed in the UK and there are only a handful of Doctors in the US that are currently experienced enough to practice the fine art of reflation. The way it works is that a trained Dr. injects a hyaluronic acid deep into your skin right above the bone. This goes deeper than most other injectables and sits firmly on the bone to reflate the skin. The article followed famed dermatolgist Dr. Ava Shamban as she explained that it can be used on your nose, temples, eyes, cheeks and lips. Not sure I want to run to my local derm and try it but the concept of reflating the face versus just filling it with injectables is interesting.

Here’s the article if you want to read more.  Or visit Dr. Ava Shamban online.