#SupermodelSecrets: Red Lipstick 101

I absolutely love, love, love playing around with lipstick colors, and with the warmer weather approaching, I’m so, so, so excited that I can start using vibrant, bright shades.

For starters, every girl needs that perfect cherry lip. I really love Manhunt by Nars. It goes on almost like a gloss but has the color richness of a lipstick. In my opinion, a red lip is such a go-to year round, but I really love incorporating it into my spring look. It’s really great for daytime with jeans and a white button up, but can easily be transformed into a night look with some top liner and a great pantsuit or dress. It’s such a classic and definitely something I’ll always have in my makeup bag.

Next, I’m OB-sessed with a great purple, fuchsia lip. I love, love, love Penny Arcade by Nars. It’s a gloss, which is great, and even though it looks very purple in the tube, it almost goes on as more of a raspberry stain, which I think is super pretty for spring. Make sure you really go to the outer corners of your lips, almost past the edge to make them look even more full. A fuchsia lip may sound intimidating or hard to pull off, but really just consider it a member of the pink family. It would look really gorgeous with a floral print blouse or dress, or any colorful spring print. It’s a really great twist on a pink lip.

Finally, my third favorite color for spring is orange. My favorite orange lipstick is Morange by MAC. I know orange sounds really scary when you think of wearing it as a lipstick. It’s definitely not the first color you’d reach for at the makeup counter. But trust me ladies, try Morange and you’ll never look at orange the same way. I love how vibrant and fun it is, and even though it’s somewhat matte, it has a subtle shine to it. It almost has a salmon hue, which I think is super pretty and great with a tan! And an orange lip doesn’t only need to be worn with neutrals. While it would look AH-mazing with crisp white or light colors, you can be adventurous and even wear it with a pink dress or top. The bolder, the better!

When it comes to lipstick colors for spring, don’t be afraid to have fun with it! Spring is the perfect excuse to be bold and step out of your comfort zone. I MEAN…it’s all about starting fresh, right? So tell me everything! What are your favorite colors for spring?