How I Get Ready For A Red Carpet Event

Are you ready for a major #SUPERMODELSECRET? No one actually wakes up the morning of a red carpet and looks like that. You see the glitz and glamour--but what you don't see is the behind-the-scenes preparation.

Truthfully, it doesn't happen overnight or even the day before. As crazy as it sounds, I've been known to start preparing weeks in advance. Does it take a lot of effort? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

I believe in the mantra, "look good, feel good" especially when it comes to special occasions. It doesn't have to be a red carpet. It can be anything you're looking forward to-- a vacation, a wedding, or even a date night with your husband. A little confidence goes a long way. Trust me, it's noticeable!

Here are some of my behind-the-scenes tips on how to get “red carpet” ready:


photo credit: Gia Canali Photography

This is an important one. About a week out (or two if I'm feeling super motivated!) I work out every single day. No excuses! To keep it fun, I like to mix it up with hikes, spin classes, and circuit training to avoid burning out.

The biggest excuse people give is not having enough time. But if you want to look great in that dress, make the time! Even if it takes waking up at the crack of dawn or putting your kid in the stroller, get moving.

To hold yourself accountable, plan in advance. Sign up for classes online so you can't skip out on them. Create a fitness calendar that also doubles as a countdown to the big day. Nothing feels better than checking off a workout well done!

TIP #2: Eat A High-Fiber, Low-Sodium Diet

When it comes to looking lean and mean, it all comes down to a healthy diet. Before an event, I stick to high-fiber vegetables and lean proteins. I also cut out salt as much as possible to avoid puffiness and bloating.

By adding more fiber into your diet, you’ll actually find yourself losing more weight. Fiber is generally low in calories but it also helps you feel fuller longer which will naturally help you eliminate bad foods on your own.

To keep yourself on track, try to eat at home as much as possible. For meal plan inspiration and recipes, click here.

TIP: If you do find yourself out to eat, learn these vocabulary words: grilled, boiled, sauce on the side. Also, don't be afraid to ask your waiter for healthier substitutions.

And, of course drink lots and lots of water. Getting the recommended intake per day can help you stay hydrated and lose excess water weight.


TIP #1: Get A Workout In 

There’s just something about an after-workout glow that lasts all day. I like to get a quick little session in before getting ready. The endorphins released from exercising also help with any pre-event jitters.

TIP #2: Sip Some Rosewater

If you haven’t tried rosewater, it’s about time you had. You’re about to be OBSESSED! Not only is rosewater delicious, it also is full of anti-inflammatory properties that work from the inside out.

Sakara Life actually has their own “Beauty Water” that includes silica, too. I like to stock up and save for the day of an event. There’s just something about it that makes you feel fresh and beautiful…even in one sip!

TIP #3: Prep Your Skin

When it comes to beauty, skincare is everything. You could have all the makeup in the world—and it still wouldn’t beat a glowing complexion.

When I first started modeling, there wasn’t retouching like there is today. Retouching was expensive so you had to show up already looking retouched. And if it wasn’t? Well, you could lose the booking. It may sound extreme but it did force me to learn the importance of a daily skincare routine. It also taught me how to properly prepare my face for makeup. If your skin is properly prepped, the makeup will look better and last longer.

…and that’s when I discovered my all-time favorite product: micellar water. It used to only be sold overseas so I would stock up. Thankfully, Garnier SkinActive has answered my prayers and brought a version to the states (finally!)

photo credit: Todd Parker Photography

I use micellar water as an all-in-one product to cleanse and refresh my skin before applying makeup and then to gently remove it after.

To cleanse, I start fresh with a splash of micellar water on a cotton pad. Press a few times over the face and that’s it! No need to rinse. Follow with your favorite moisturizer. I like a dewy glow so I tend to use a brightening moisturizer under my makeup. (Garnier SkinActive’s Clearly Brighter Daily Moisturizer is a great option!)

At the end of the night, I remove my makeup the same way I cleansed it. It’s that easy!

photo credit: Todd Parker Photography

TIP: If you need to re-use your brushes during your glam session, all you need is a small bowl and some micellar water to properly cleanse. Makeup brushes can trap so much bacteria which causes acne—so it’s important to never skip this step!

How do you prep for a big event? I’m always interested in hearing your tips and tricks! Comment below!