Puppy Love: Duke Goes Swimming


I know, I know, every dog owner thinks her pup is the cutest, sweetest, softest, most brilliant pup around, but just tell me my little Dukie isn’t talented! I’m wondering if there’s a doggy swim team he can join… And as you can see, Chloe and Poupette were having a blast running around too!


Looking for a few more ways your pets can have fun in the sun?



My three dogs LOVE this cool treat to keep them cool in the summer months. You can freeze their chew toys in the Doggy Ice Lick and they’re sure to stay hydrated.


The Chilly Bone is another great frozen treat that dogs love to chew.



Dogs and their owners will have fun with this one… It’s a water-squirting dog Frisbee!


And last but not least: Mr. Barksmith’s Cool Treats smoothies for dogs. Not gonna lie, these look pretty good!

And don’t forget: I’m all about having fun with my pets, but it’s important to pay a little extra attention to our furry companions in the summer months. Check out the ASPCA’s helpful hot weather tips for your pups.

How do your pets stay cool in the heat?

Love, Molly 

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