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Back-To-School Essentials For Your Preschooler

MotherhoodMolly Sims
Back-To-School Essentials For Your Preschooler

Can they just stay young forever? I cannot believe in a few weeks I'll be walking Brooksie into his second year of pre-school. And the next year? Kindergarten. I'm already tearing up thinking about it! Leave it to the parents to be more emotional than the kids (right?!)

Even as a kid, back-to-school shopping was my absolute favorite. This year, Brooks and I have already packed our things and we're ready to go!

If you haven't made your checklist yet, here's some ADORABLE and essential items to send with them on their first day: 


Pre-K Backpacks:

Besides the art projects, it's unlikely your child will have that much to tote around. Instead of having them lug around a huge backpack, stick with something more their size.

1. PB Kids Striped Critter Bunny Backpack //  2. Stephen Joseph Mini Sidekick Backpack // 3. Skip Hop Zoo Little Kids & Toddler Backpack // 4. Kitty Teachers Pet Backpack // 5. PB Kids Mackenzie Navy Rainbow Unicorn Backpack

Lunch Boxes:

I've always loved a good packed lunch. Brooksie does too! We try to bring healthy snacks and meals every day. It also makes him feel more comfortable since it's a bit of familiarity to him. Keep them fresh with these re-useable bags and containers.

1. Chooze Cars Lunchbox // 2. ZoLi Sumo Snack Starter // 3. Skip Hop Forget Me Not Insulated Food Jar // 4. PB Kids Spencer Bento Box Container // 5. ECOlunchbox Three-In-One Stainless Steel Set // 6. Wild Side Lunchbox // 7. PB Kids Classic Critter Unicorn Lunch Bag // 8. The Honest Company x So Young Insulated Print Lunchbox // 9. PB Kids Spiderman Classic Lunch Bag // 10. Skip Hop Zoo Lunch Kit

Water Bottles:

It's my rule to bring a water bottle everywhere--even for myself. Just in case! These bottles below are BPA-free and keep your child's water cold. I tend to like the bottles with built-in straws so there's no major spillage.

1. Skip Hop Zoo Stainless Steel Waterbottle // 2. Klean Kanteen Classic Kid Sport // 3. CamelBak Eddy Waterbottle in Space Robots // 4. CamelBak Eddy Waterbottle in Unicorns // 5. Skip Hop Zoo Straw Waterbottle

Art + School Supplies:

Preschool is all about the art projects. We have an entire bulletin board at our house dedicated to Brooksie's masterpieces. It's so cute! These eco-friendly and washable supplies are perfect for their school year.

1. Brain Quest Pre-School: 300 Questions And Answers To Get A Smart Start // 2. Trace Letters Ages 3-5  // 3. Preschool Scholar // 4. Leapfrog Preschool Skills Workbook // 5. Math Made Easy Kindergarten Workbook

For Their Health:

If this is your first time being a mom to a pre-schooler, get ready. The classroom can be breeding ground for germs! I always make sure to pack wipes and sanitizers to keep everyone healthy. A kids probiotic goes a long way, too. Even though most preschools have all of these products--it's important to me to make sure everything is chemical-free and natural. Just in case, here's some picks to bring your first day.

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