Hair Looks I LOVE: The Polished Pony

I’ve had every hairstyle imaginable for editorial shoots, runways and red carpets … but I do play favorites.  I have them down pat, and if I can do them myself, so can YOU.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to share some of my very favorite hairstyles taken directly from my book, The Everyday Supermodel.  Today we are starting smooth and sleek with the polished pony. Confident, fresh, sophisticated and fun, this look is oh-so-stylish at any age.

Step 1:  Blow-dry the hair upside down adding your favorite mousse for volume.

(Alternate: if your hair is frizzy or curly, straighten the hair with a flat iron before step 2.)

Step 2:  Section the hair across the back vertically into two parts and pull the top section into a tight pony at the top of the back of the head.  Take the bottom section and pull into a tight pony as well.

Step 3: Combine both ponytails at the top center of the head and wrap tightly with a rubber band.

Step 4: To add sophistication, take a strand of hair from the inside of the ponytail, wrap it around the ponytail covering the rubber band, and secure it underneath with a bobby pin.

Step 5: Finish by using a setting spray to keep flyaways at bay or finishing wax around the hairline and near the ears to give it extra polish.


Pony Pointers

  • If you have a longer face, you can make a side part first and then pull back into a sleek pony to give the allusion of a wider face.
  • If your face is round, part in the middle first and then pull the hair back.  That will give it a little dimension and slim the face by adding height.
  • If you are going for a more casual look, the pony itself can be slightly wavy or tousled.
  • Short hair? You can always add hair clips/extensions to pony up!

#SupermodelSecret: How to swat away flyaways.  Magic Move is perfect for smoothing breakage and flyaways around the hairline.  Y’all know what I’m talking about!  Those sneaky strays that drive us all stray-cray.  A small amount works wonders, less than a dime size.  Its great around the edges when wearing a pony, or a bun, especially if you aren’t into that Planet of the Napes look.