Only Have 3 Minutes? Only Need 3 Moves!

A plank or “kumbhakasana” as it’s called in yoga is an important foundation pose that helps you flow more effortlessly into different poses or “asanas.” It can be done literally anywhere, anytime. This position is also the perfect post-pregnancy pose for all you #supermommas. It tones the tummy after it’s been stretched during pregnancy.

On those days you just don’t have a full-on workout within you, do these three moves that engage the whole body—core, glutes, legs, and arms. Some might say three minutes of hell. Me? I’d say three minutes to hello, hot stuff!

Gia Canali Photography

MOVE 1: FORWARD PLANK (Hold for one minute)

Gia Canali Photography

MOVE 2: RIGHT SIDE PLANK (Hold for one minute)

Gia Canali Photography

MOVE 3: LEFT SIDE PLANK (Hold for one minute)

Just like everything else, it’s all about technique. Here’s a brush up on how to get the most out of this pose:

  • Squeeze glutes and abdominals while in plank position to up the tone value.
  • Keep a neutral neck and spine. Looking down at the ground will promote this.
  • Don’t let your hips sag to the ground. Sagging hips make it easier—we don’t want easier, we want results!
  • If you start to feel it’s too much to handle and your form is lacking, take a break and start again.

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