Park City Utah: Thanksgiving Extravaganza Part 2!


stuber family on thanksiving With dog sledding, tubing, and a few must, must, must visit restaurants discussed in Part 1 of our Travel Extravaganza to Utah, it's time to move on to Part 2 of our Park City adventures!

On Thanksgiving, we drove to Hogel Zoo for a very special experience for Brooks. Because I knew that the zoo feeds the animals AND they come out on Thanksgiving Day, I dressed Brooks up as a turkey and we showed up to surprised his grandma and grandpa. Of course, Brooks loved, loved, loved each and every second and the zoo. He knows all of his animals sounds, so he was running around the zoo reciting his sounds and clapping with each and every animal sound. Talk about AH-dorable.

stubers thanksgiving

This year, we celebrated with a massive feast with the hubby's side of the family, full of great food and all of the staples - turkey, stuffing, AH-mazing pumpkin pie.  Brooks loves, loves, loves eating pumpkin pie, so his grandma made sure to have a big slice for him. There's nothing better than spending time with family, especially family that you don't aways get to see. We hung out with cousins, grandparents, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles at Cousin Peggy's house. Brooks was AB-solutely thrilled to be there. He loves his cousins Sammy and Griffin since they are the closest to his age. At 7 and 4 years old, he has the best, best, best playmates to keep him company.

salt lake city utah molly sims lights

Friday night, we had a full night of Christmas fun. To start off with, we went to see the lighting of the Christmas lights at the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake, followed by checking out the State Capitol, then the opening Salt Lake Temple square which is is AB-solutely phenomenal. Just imagine hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights on the main street plaza in Temple Square. It's a vision that completely takes your breath away in the best way. You can walk around and see all of them!  There were thousands of people there. It took a few hours to see the entire show.  You cannot imagine how pretty ... we've never seen more in our lives. Christmas holiday music was playing ... we felt right into the spirit of the season thanks to the decorations and lights.

stubers christmas lights

As if we weren't full enough from Thanksgiving dinner, we had to check out a restaurant in Salt Lake that I heard about. On top of the delicious Mexican food, Rio Grand Cafe has this CUH-razy structure in the restaurant which is a must-see - a woman hanging from a taco!! It's a really great

molly sims fur hat

place for the whole family. Brooks noshed on his all time fav, fav, fav food - guacamole and sat still for once. I imagine the fact that the restaurant is actually IN a train station had something to do with helping Brooks sit still during dinner time.

Before we took off for home, I just had, had, had to do some shopping, of course. Look at this crazy hat!  Who doesn't love a crazy hat day out!