#TheEverydaySupermodel YouTube Challenges!

It is ALL happening!

First, my book, The Everyday Supermodel hit shelves and now we are re-launching my YouTube channel.  I’m SO excited to share it with you!

Since I am newbie to YouTube land, I partnered up and collaborated with some serious heavy hitters to show me the ropes in all things YouTube.  These ladies are nothing short of amazing.  We challenged, we chatted, we did face masks, and of course we talked beauty, fashion and the dreaded online dating profile.

First up is Olga Kay.  She is a super Moosh from a galaxy far, far, away who used to juggle in the circus.  Just kidding!  Well, not about the juggling part.  Olga was lots of fun and totally game for my scarf challenge - 10 ways to tie a scarf in 60 seconds.  HINT: If you get my book, I show you 6 ways!!

Stop by and stay tuned to my Youtube channel every Tuesday for a new video.  Please leave me comments, feedback, suggestions for future videos.

Tell me everything!!!