“Old School” Easter

I love, love, love holidays and traditions.  Now that I have my own little family, I’m a cuckoo wanting to share that love with Brooksie. Earlier this week I showed you how to create chic Easter “au natural” eggs and now I’m going to keep it simple and do it “old school” with the same type of egg dye I used when I was a kid.

Considering the time and craft skill it took to do the au natural eggs, this version is the perfect speed for Brooksie and I to enjoy.  He’s still pretty small and I so look forward to him growing older to be able to enjoy it even more.   He doesn’t turn two until June, so I had to come up with some creative ways he could join in on the fun without accidentally dying the area rug pink.  Safety first, I always say… totally kidding, but the moral to this story is that it always important to set up your activity area properly, especially when you are doing a potentially messy project like this.

For this particular project I love the idea of using a fun and festive Easter themed plastic table cloth.  Super duper cute and makes things easy for cleanup.   If you want to get something you can use again and again, then I nothing more economical than a shower curtain liner. Inexpensive, sized nicely and perfect for use on many types of craft projects(can even act as a drop cloth when painting).

I think it is best to keep it simple, especially when you have little ones on the scene.  Brooks physically dyeing the eggs is probably a year away.  My sweetest boy is currently more interested in trying to drink out of the pretty cups.  Isn’t he the cutest??!!

That being said, I SO wanted to share my love for Easter that I found a couple of ways to keep him into the bunny loving action.

Wax Resist:  AKA use a crayon or one of the clear wax sticks most basic kits come with these days.


It doesn’t get much easier to execute, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t just a tiny bit worried that the egg was going to get thrown in the process.  These always come out really pretty no matter how scribbly or messy the writing may be.

AH-mazingly decorated egg don’t you think??

Use Stickers:  I dyed the eggs ahead of time and found these cool foam stickers at the craft store. Brooks loved putting these on.  They were only $1.99 for over 100 stickers.  

I set the extras by the front door in this cute little ceramic bunny so when friends come over we can share the Easter spirit, which for once doesn’t involve a sugar rush.

All and all this was a great day and great fun with my son.  I forgot how much fun coloring eggs is and I can’t wait until next year.  What are your favorite Easter traditions?  I would love to know!  Also please feel free to send me any egg dyeing tips or tricks you would like to share.  I would love to include them in a future post.  Below is a super quick “how to” of my egg-a-riffic centerpiece.  Enjoy!