How To Dress For NYE When You're Pregnant

photo credit: Gia Canali Photography

This New Year's Eve, I'm not just pregnant. I'm about to literally pop a cork like the champagne bottle itself.

I'll be honest with you. I don't feel the most beautiful right now. I'm not comfortable. My back hurts and I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions for the past week. The last thing I feel like doing is slipping into something festive to attend a party. But, this occasion only comes once a year so you better believe I'm going to celebrate!

Some of you mommas-to-be may be in the same boat so I want to help you out. As much as you want to sit at home with a hot cup of cocoa and watch the ball drop, I'm here to drag you out of the house.

Here are my 5 bump-friendly tips for a glamorous look this New Years Eve:

Tip #1: It's All About The Accessories

You don't even need to buy a new outfit. Raid your closet and pick a solid-colored dress that you've loved over your pregnancy. Layer on a few statement accessories and voila! You've got yourself a stylish look that you already feel comfortable in.

If you're not a jewelry person, spice up your look with a pop of color from a bag or clutch.

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Tip #2: The More You Accentuate The Bump, The Better The Look

When I wore this sequin bump-hugging dress to the Baby2Baby gala last month, I wasn't sure if I'd arrive looking festive or like a disco ball. I'm not going to lie--I was pretty pleased with the results. It made me realize an important tip: the more you accentuate the bump, the better the look.

I'm not saying you have to go all sequins. Just don't try to hide under shapeless layers of fabric. A close-fitting dress is beautiful on baby bumps and looks great in photos, too.

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Tip #3: Don't Feel Forced To Wear Heels

There comes a time in everyone's pregnancy when they realize a stiletto heel may not be the safest form of footwear. My moment came a few weeks ago when I stumbled (and tumbled) out of a car going to a Christmas party. I about gave Scott a literal heart attack. At that moment, this momma realized she needed to retire the 5-inch Gianvito Rossi ankle-strap heels she's been obsessed with.

Luckily, you can still feel glamorous in a pair of flats. And if ditching the heels will make you feel more comfortable and get you out of the house...then do it.

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Tip #4: Spice Up Your Beauty Routine

Always remember: when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you look good. Don't be afraid to spend a little extra time on your hair and makeup before the party. Maybe even test-drive a few new looks before the night of the party. For example, a glitter eye or a plum lip. Sometimes that's all it takes for a much-needed boost of confidence! See below for a few of my favorite tutorials and looks to try out:

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Tip #5: When All Else Fails, Wear Black

This applies to everyone, pregnant or not. Black is slimming, black is comfortable, black is your best friend.

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Cheers to 2017! 

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