It’s a Wrap: Au Natural Gift Wrapping


Natural types of gift wrapping is very much back in vogue. Kraft paper is no longer just for crafts, my friends. I’m very proud of my GGG (giving good gifts) skills and any good gift giver worth their salt knows that the wrapping is equally important. You can’t just throw your surprise in a brown paper bag and call it a day… OR can you?! I say, “yes, you can!” Well kind of, you definitely don’t have to go crazy with the glitz and glamour with your gift wrapping to be the chicest gift giver on the block.  To the contrary, a little natural love goes a long way.


Burlap is back, baby! I’m absolutely loving all of the types and styles of burlap and natural fibered ribbon that I’m seeing these days.  It comes in all different widths and some come wired to make it a little easier on you bow making. The versatility is something I really like as well.  I keep a stash of these ribbons around so I can use them for just about anything.  I made some really cute flower arrangements by simply wrapping ribbon around mason jars that I shared with you guys awhile back.

Just because we are going the natural route, doesn’t mean I’m giving up on color.  Check out these super cute gift bags below I got at the craft store for $1 a piece.  I bought a few of these to have on hand and I also bought a few plain, almost flour sack looking bags that will be great with a bright colored ribbon or something along those lines for a pop of color.


Speaking of pop of color, I liked the chevron print on those gift bags so much I also purchased some ribbon in a similar style.  I also kept a few of the leftover colored feathers from Brooks' second birthday party. The heart ribbon is a leftover from Valentines’s Day.  I’m not a hoarder by any means, but I know a good craft material when I see it!


Besides using pops of color, another way to customize and personalize your natural wrapping is by using ink stamps.  I think the greatest part of the Au Natural wrapping craze is how wonderfully inexpensive all the components can be.  You can get a 50-yard roll of jute twine for $3.  Spritz makes twine in black, red, blue, silver and goldKraft gift tags are extremely versatile as well.


Because I love a good visual, I created a Pinterest board filled full of great natural gift wrapping ideas. I also love using fresh florals as gift topper or bow.  Look how gorgeous this dahlia looks on this gift.  Below we took the same package and showed how differently you can make it look with a few little tweaks.


What is YOUR favorite way to wrap gifts?  Tell me EVERYTHING!!!